Staying Safe - Special requests

I know at the moment we are all being inundated with emails and comms regarding COVID-19, and this is yet another one.  However, I wish to stress that we at In House Catering are following the guidelines from the Ministry of Health, in that we are taking precautions to enforce and communicate the guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  Examples of keeping a level of social distance, avoiding hand shaking and implementing rigorous cleaning protocols.


The health and safety of our customers and staff is our priority!  We already follow a strict hygiene regime with hand sanitiser and spray sanitiser for surfaces and tools. The continued practice will be that any utensils/surfaces/equipment being used will be sanitised before and after every job.


On that note, we are actively adapting our offerings to ensure that those that need to work have options to cater for those staff members in the form of individually packed lunches and dinner boxes.


If this is a requirement you also need please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for further details.


Stay safe,

Beth George


Managing Director

In House Catering 

04 477 0486 |