Buffet Menu



Hot Mains 

Bacon wrapped chicken thighs, cranberry walnut brioche stuffing with gravy (df) 

Lamb shoulder slow braised in rosemary and red wine served with jus (gf)(df) 

Beef sirloin with salsa verde (gf)(df) Rolled pork loin, pineapple salsa, crackling (gf)(df) 

Prosciutto wrapped white fish, pesto, lemon oil, arugula (gf)(df) 


Cold Mains 

Beef sirloin with salsa verde (gf)(df) 

Glazed champagne ham, pineapple salsa, condiments (gf)(df) 

Flaked salmon on watercress, capers, lemon, horseradish cream (gf) 


Vegetarian Mains 

Spinach, caramelized onion, pinenut, goat cheese filo parcels 

Tofu katsu, tonkatsu sauce, pickled vegetables, sesame, nori

Sides and Salads


Roasted vegetables. Moroccan chickpeas, spinach, chimichurri (gf)(vegan) 

Potato, parmesan, and garlic gratin (v)(gf) 

Stir fried vegetables with Thai peanut sauce (gf) 

Roasted cauliflower cheese sauce bake, spring onion (gf) 

Kung pao Brussel sprouts, cashew, spring onion, sesame (df) 

Roasted pumpkin, beetroot, onion, goat cheese, balsamic 



Haloumi, mango, lettuce, almonds, and sprouts with blueberry vinaigrette (v)(gf) 

Pasta, olive, feta, pumpkin seeds tossed in chargrilled capsicum sauce with rocket, balsamic reduction (v) 

Quinoa, chopped peanuts, slaw, edamame, snow pea shoots, coriander, lettuce with peanut coconut dressing (gf)(vegan) 

Falafel, beetroot, cucumber, pickled red onion, baby spinach with pomegranate vinaigrette (gf)(vegan) 

White bean, artichoke, kumara, sundried tomato, cashew, baby spinach tossed in herb vinaigrette (gf)(vegan)



Cheesecake mousse cups – Cheesecake mousse, spiced berry compote topped with cinnamon oat crumb (v) 

Cinnamon sugar donuts, half strawberry, half custard 

Double chocolate chunk brownie with a caramel swirl (v) 

Tiramisu – Coffee soaked lady fingers layered with mascarpone cream and powdered chocolate 

Individual carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting and walnut

Pricing Structure

Our buffet menus include a selection of freshly baked breads with butter

Prices (Ex GST)


$37.00 per guest

Your choice of,

One main, Three sides, One dessert


$49.00 per guest

Your choice of,

Two mains, Three sides, One dessert


$65.00 per guest

Your choice of,

Two mains, One vegetarian main, Three sides, Two desserts



For all enquiries, availability and a detailed proposal please email [email protected]





Function Manager (Minimum three hours) at $50.00 per hour

Waiting/Bar staff (Minimum three hours) at 35.00 per hour
Chefs (Minimum three hours) at $75.00 per hour

TABLEWARE (approx)
Glassware (wine, water/beer) / $7.50 per 10 
Champagne Flutes / $7.50 per 10
Tablecloths / $15.00 each
Waterjugs / $3.60 each

Carafes / $2.80 each


100 Litre Chillibins / $45.00 each
Ice / $5.00 each
Ovens / $130.00