Covid -19 Health and Safety

How In House Catering will keep you and our staff safe:

We at In House Catering are excited to be open again and offering our corporate day menus with the new addition of contactless, home delivered meals, and we hope you will enjoy our range of delicious home cooked dishes.

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) offers all businesses advice how to stay safe as they reopen after lockdown. As a commercial kitchen, nearly all of their guidelines are our everyday practice, so you can be assured we are well placed to provide you with great food in a safe environment.

Frequent handwashing, cleaning and sanitising surfaces, not touching your face and not coughing into your hands are something our Chefs do automatically, and you can be assured that our high standards will not slip.

We have rearranged our work stations so our Chefs will be able to maintain an appropriate distance from each other while working, and any interaction with outsiders (deliveries for example) are able to be undertaken in a safe manner. We will also retain a database of all our customers, so in the very unlikely event that one of our staff falls ill, we will be able to trace anyone who may be at risk.

MPI state that experience with recent similar diseases, such as SARS, suggest Covid-19 is unlikely to be spread through food. We will be playing our part to ensure all our staff act in a safe and hygienic manner so that you can dine with us in confidence.